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D.E. Systems’ Online Event Registration System (ERS) provides a comprehensive and integrated Internet based registration package for meetings and events. ERS is designed around...

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Rental Trade Show D. E. Systems computer rental division has been in operation since 1985 providing clients with computer rental services throughout Ontario and...

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AssessDetailed analysis of your current environment, reporting on issues and actionable items. On-board Initial maintenance activities, projects, and remediation required to stabilize your technology....


Capture attendee information and data with D.E. Systems”” “SnapUpLeads” of use with a variety of mobile devices including iPad””s, iPhones, Blackberries and standard computers.

snapUpLeadsSnapUpLead application can be integrate to your event, trade show or conference. Our SnapUpLead application provide the necessary platform to capture real-time data either through scanning of bar codes or QR codes while storing the data on a secure, easily accessible website.


Lead Retrieval: Exhibitors have the flexibility to use their own mobile devices or rent latest iPads with the SnapUpLead application installed.

Standard Qualifiers are pre-set with an option to add up to 5 additional custom qualifiers.

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Call
  • Email Literature
  • Provide quote
  • Immediate need
  • Purchasing Power

You can also free-form information through your mobile device/iPad.

Attendance Tracking: Real-time attendance figures can now be derived from multiple units simultaneously. Know exactly how many are in attendance anywhere at any time in real-time.

Access Control: CME / CEU Tracking & Reporting: Instantly identify and record CME/CEU accreditation, accessible at anytime on-line by qualified personnel.

Surveying: As with lead Retrieval Qualification we can now respond to pre-set questions with single, multiple and free-form answers.

To inquire about this product contact sales@desystems.com