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Reply® Interact Mini


The Reply® Interact Mini is designed for simplicity, small to medium size group applications and dedicated Yes/No/Abstain voting.

Also intended for general use in interactive meetings, special events, and other feedback activities that the audio-visual industry commonly classifies as ‘ audience response ‘, ‘ group response ‘, or ‘ interactive voting ‘.

Together, Reply® Interact Mini wireless audience response keypads (Model Number IN1100) and a RPI1000 or RPI4000 base station, comprise a versatile two-way interactive voting system that includes these features:

  • Ultra slim style case with 6 elastomeric buttons for entering multiple choice responses. Buttons are labelled 1-5, A-E with dedicated colouring for Yes/No/Abstain plus a send key.
  • Weight: 29g (1.02 ounces) with batteries installed. Fits easily in the palm and may be comfortably worn with an optional lanyard.
  • Two-way radio employing a special RF Protocol for the keypads that ensures Data accuracy.
  • Works reliably within other 2.4GHz environments such as Wi-Fi, PDA or mobile networks. Works with Reply® Interact Models RPI1000 and RPI4000 base stations.
  • Allows drop-in use with many Reply®-compliant software applications.

System Configuration

A basic Reply® Interact System consists of…

  • One Reply® Interact Wireless Keypad per participant
  • One Reply® Interact Models RPI1000 base station per 400 keypads of the same radio channel in a room (2000 keypads when using the bigger RPI400 base station), and
  • One copy of value-added application software*


Infowhyse sells its Reply® family of products through a variety of distribution channels, dependent on the product and your location. We invite you to contact us for further information, a quotation or a reseller referral.

Read the Quick Overview (PDF)

Detailed Technical Specifications

For more information contact replysystems@desystems.com